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Here we offer you a continuously expanding list of valuable downloads including lots of useful tools for electronics, as well as general tools such as download tools, log on - password software, schematic circuits design software, paint programs and html text editors to make your experience on the web that much easier. Over time some of these links will certainly change and if you ever have the experience of a broken link PLEASE tell us so other people don't become frustrated.

DISCLAIMER: For some of these downloads I may or may not have affiliate connections. Some software is absolutely free, some can be run unregistered while others allow a free trial period. My experience is and in fact it is my earnest recommendation that if you find useful software and you use it regularly then PLEASE pay the registration fee. In that way further developments and support for your favourite software can take place. Some free software comes with advertisements while registered versions generally do not.

It is progressively becoming a fact of internet life that what was once free is no longer free. As they say there is "no such thing as a FREE lunch", sigh..... I find much of the internet changing in this manner.

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Please note I personally use most, but not all, of the downloads listed here.


From the PDF manual [FREE] - 4.64 Mb [YES! that's mega-bytes]

"Of all the variables affecting single-channel radio communications, the one factor that an operator has the most control over is the antenna. With the right antenna, an operator can change a marginal net into a reliable net. Marine Corps Reference Publication (MCRP) 6-22D, Antenna Handbook, gives operators the knowledge to properly select and employ antennas to provide the strongest possible signal at the receiving station of the circuit".

PDF file - http://www.marines.mil/news/publications/Documents/MCRP%203-40.3B%20Radio%20Operator's%20Handbook.pdf

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CircuitMaker Resources

CircuitMaker Student Version

This edition of CircuitMaker was created especially to provide students with access to one of the best resources available for learning electronics.

The CircuitMaker Student Version is the same as CircuitMaker Version 6, with the following limitations:

Download the CircuitMaker Student Version:

The CircuitMaker Student Version is available for download via http or ftp transfer

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LTspice/SwitcherCAD� III

Fully functional Spice III simulator from Linear Technology

TLTC SwitcherCAD� III is a fully functional Spice III simulator with enhancements and models for easing the simulation of switching regulators. This Spice is a high performance circuit simulator, integrated waveform viewer, which also includes schematic capture. Our enhancements to Spice have made simulating switching regulators extremely fast compared to normal Spice simulators.

Included in this download are Spice, Macro Models for 80% of Linear Technology's switching regulators and over 200 op amp models. Furthermore, resistors, transistors and MOSFET models are included as part of this package. With this Spice simulation, viewing of the waveforms of most switching regulators can be achieved in a few minutes on a high performance PC. Also, full circuits using op amps or transistors can easily be simulated.

Download LTspice/SwitcherCAD� III:

LTspice/SwitcherCAD� III 4 mB

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Web Design Tools

NoteTab Pro version $US 19.95

NoteTab Pro is a leading-edge text editor and HTML coding tool, and an ideal Notepad replacement. This entire site was and continues to be developed exclusively with NoteTab Pro and this is an affiliate program for me. I just love the global "search and replace" facility, change all pages at once. That facility alone, used just once, saves me the low price! My No.1 personal recommendation.

Winner of top shareware industry awards in 1998 and 1999, this elegant application does it all: you can handle multiple large files with a simple tabbed interface, use a spell-checker and thesaurus, format text, use multiple undo, and bookmark documents. You can build templates, use powerful system-wide searches, and do global multi-line replacements.

Its Clipbook feature lets you create and organize clips, which can range from text macros to complete mini-applications, using a simple scripting language with enough features to satisfy any power user; a bunch of handy clip libraries is included.

Web authors will love the HTML clip library, just one of a load of features that make NoteTab a great code-based HTML editor. Other gems include text-to-HTML conversion, tag stripping, and tools for adding links and color codes.

There's a lot more to NoteTab Pro -- and it's unbeatable value at US$19.95.

Personal Recommendation
This site has been entirely developed using NoteTab Pro. Just using its global "search and replace" feature once makes the low US$19.95 price seem dirt cheap. Latest version is packed with numerous features, some I haven't even tried yet.

I wouldn't part with it and I've tested all the other expensive WYSIWYG publishing software, pity it can't write tutorials.....     Ian Purdie, 3rd January, 2002

After your order is complete you'll be able to download immediately!

Download NoteTab Pro NOW!

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Customisable Clock for Windows Task Bar


This is MY pick of the month and FREE!!! - please show your appreciation to Dale.

TClockEx enhances the standard Windows 9x/NT/2000 clock that is built into the taskbar, providing the ability to display the time AND date in any format you choose. Additional features include a popup calendar, clipboard interaction, resource and CPU monitoring, user-definable display elements, Internet time, and customisable colour and font options. I use it in conjunction with Socket

This program is Freeware. If you want to show your appreciation with something that won't fit in an email, here's the address:

Dale Nurden
14 Willow Crescent
Pinetown 3610
South Africa

Please mark it as a gift, otherwise he'll get slapped with duties and taxes.

http://www.rcis.co.za/dale/tclockex/index.htm - 455K

In conjunction with SocketWatch listed down below, your computer time is now accurate to the second and so is the display.

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Motorola Impedance Matching Program - FREE

Motorola's Impedance Matching Program is a specialized form of CAD specifically developed for RF power amplifier circuit design. It provides a simple environment for entering and analyzing impedance matching circuitry regularly employed in RF Power amplifier design.

Data sheets for RF devices contain large signal impedances (measured at a single combination of frequency, voltage, power level and power dissipation). These impedances must generally be transformed to another set of impedances (50 W or the input/output impedance of another device). To do this, MIMP provides a standard library of passive circuit elements; including various combinations of capacitors, inductors and transmission lines in both series and shunt configurations. It also contains a unique, DISTRIBUTED CAPACITANCE ELEMENT that models a capacitor distributed along a transmission line.

http://e-www.motorola.com/rf/designtds/mimp.html - 119K

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Micrometals RF Design Software

Micrometals FREE RF design software, RF-Toroid was written as a supplement to the Micrometals RF Application catalog. Much emphasis was put into calculating the location of the Self resonate frequencies for series and shunt inductors. RF-Toroid is for use DC to 300 MHz. Much research went in to the calculation and corrections from the standard formulas for low perm & phenolic cores to better predict the RF style of winding and application. Some features include SRF for series and shunt cores, peak Q curve ranges and 200 & 360 degree coverage to achieve the best product possible for the microwave designer who needs accurate and abundant information at the finger tips to compare one core to another simultaneously. The custom core feature allows for custom shaped cores, stacking cores side by side , ferrite cores and machining custom phenolic cores from plastic, wood, ect... Micrometals hope this tool will serve you well.

Download Micrometals RF Design Software - 397 Kb

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Digital Simulator

Digital Works 3.04

Digital Works 3.04 is a graphical design tool that enables you to construct digital logic circuits and to analyse their behaviour through real time simulation. Its intuitive, easy to use interface makes it the ideal choice for learning or teaching digital electronics. You can even prototype simple digital electronic circuits before you actually build them.

You can download a free, fully functional evaluation copy of Digital Works for Windows 95, 98 and NT 4

Download Digital Works 3.04

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Linear Simulator for RF and AC Circuits

NOVA-686 - Shareware $US25.00

Written as a design aid for the RF circuit designer, radio amateur, hobbyist, and student. The primary aim of NOVA-686 was radio frequency design, however this program has proven to be excellent for all analog designs. Not intended to replace spice (the defacto standard) NOVA-686 is strong in areas where Pspice is weak, such as: fast analysis rate, optimization, tweaking, S-parameters, Monte Carlo analysis, and *accurate* RF component models.

Download NOVA-686 - 230K

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Automatic time correction for your PC


Another personal recommendation. I use it all the time and I paid my US$10.00 registration fee. I have no connection apart from being a very satisfied user.

Absolutely brilliant! SocketWatch is an SNTP client that gets accurate time information over the Internet. If you are connected to the Internet and want your PC clock to be as accurate as possible, SocketWatch is for you. Can be run unregistered but the registered version naturally offers superior features.

I've found over two years my PC receives a daily correction of about 9.369 seconds. Just one indication of the poor time keeping of a PC's clock. At that rate over a month my PC's time would be in error nearly five minutes! Check your time now and see how far off you are.

SocketWatch is not your father�s pocketwatch, but is as indispensable to your connected PC running Windows. In today�s wired world, keeping an accurate clock is more important than ever for the personal computer. To know how accurate is that time critical information you got from the Web, to be sure which version of that file in your Windows Briefcase is the latest, you need your computer, all the computers you use to be synchronized. The best way to do this is to synchronize your PC to the universal time signals available through the Internet.

I use it in conjunction with the Customisable Clock for Windows Task Bar above.

Download SocketWatch latest version Version 3.5b (build 146) Updated 30 Jan. 2002 - 616kB.

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Schematic Programs

Design Works Lite

One of the best schematic programs we've come across is Design Works Lite and although we have never used it extensively nor fully explored its full capabilities we have seen sufficient to be thoroughly impressed. The "Lite" version can be run unregistered.

Download Design Works Lite.


This site I came across, ExpressPCB, provides FREE PCB drawing software you can download. You can print it out and do your own thing OR better yet submit the drawing electronically to have a prototype board manufactured.

As Stan from ExpressPCB explained it to me:

"There are two parts to ExpressPCB, free PC board layout software and a low costs PC board manufacturing service. The ExpressPCB CAD software runs with Windows 95, 98 or NT. Designing double-sided boards is a snap with the program's very intuitive user interface. ExpressPCB manufactures very high quality double-sided boards with plated-through holes. Their board manufacturing is both very fast and economical. Most orders are shipped the next business day and for as little as $59.
http://www.expresspcb.com for all of the details."

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Oscilloscope for Windows

Digital Oscilloscope Uses PC Sound Card for Input

Oscilloscope for Windows is a Windows application that converts your PC into a powerful dual-trace oscilloscope.

Oscilloscope uses your PC's sound card as an Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC) to digitize any input waveform (speech, music, electric signal, etc.) and then presents it on the monitor in real time, allowing the user to control the display in the same way as on a conventional "standalone" scope, for example change gain, timebase or plot Lissajous patterns.

Download Digital Oscilloscope - 91 kB

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Graphics Programs

Paint Shop Pro

I think for the money the best graphic program for the web has to be Paint Shop Pro. It is both excellent as well as affordable.

Download Paint Shop Pro.

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