RF Circuit Design - ISBN 0-7506-9946-9 / ISBN 0750685182

RF Circuit Design - Chris Bowick - a book review
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RF Circuit Design

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RF CIRCUIT DESIGN - Chris Bowick - a book review


Why do I recommend this particular reference books? RF CIRCUIT DESIGN - Chris Bowick

Well I've never met Chris, never spoken nor corresponded with him. My first copy of RF CIRCUIT DESIGN by Chris Bowick I purchased

Book cover - RF Circuit Design

I have never read a better book on RF design. Chris's book is a constant reference for the serious RF designer. You will be amazed at the quality and the quantity of the content. - 176 pages

RF Circuit Design - ISBN 0-7506-9946-9 / ISBN 0750685182


Hi Ian,

Just a quick note to say thanks for the book-shop department. I took your advice and bought the book by Chris Bowick. It's great. The material is very well presented and it is just right for about every level from beginner to engineer. Good choice!


Larry L. Beavers CPBE W1GTA, Assistant Chief Engineer, WBZ Newsradio 1030

My edition of this book has chapters on:

Wire - resistors - Capacitors - Inductors - Toroids - Toroidal Inductor Design - Practical Winding Hints.

Resonant Circuits
Some definitions - Resonance (lossless components) - Loaded Q - Insertion Loss - Impedance Transformation - Coupling of resonant Circuits.

Filter Design
Background - Modern Filter Design - Normalization and the Low-Pass prototype - Filter Types - Frequency and Impedance Scaling - High Pass Filter Design - The Dual Network - Bandpass Filter Design - Summary of the Bandpass Filter Design Procedure - Band Rejection Filter Design - The Effects of Finite Q.

Impedance Matching
Background - The L Network - Dealing with Complex Loads - Three-Element Matching - Low Q or Wideband Matching Networks - The Smith Chart - Impedance Matching on the Smith Chart - Summary.

Transistors at Radio Frequencies - RF
The Transistor Equivalent Circuit - Y Parameters - S Parameters - Understanding RF Transistor Data Sheets - Summary

Small Signal RF Amplifier Design
Transistor Biasing - Design Using Y Parameters - Design Using S Parameters

RF Power Amplifiers
RF Power Transistor Characteristics - Transistor Biasing - Power Amplifier Design - Matching to Coaxial Feedlines - Automatic Shutdown Circuitry - Broadband Transformers - Practical Winding Hints - Summary

Appendices on Vector Algebra and Noise Calculations ( Types of Noise - Noise Figure - Receiver Systems Calculations ).

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