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How it works

Folks I can't possibly answer all the questions and feedback I constantly receive. Sometimes I simply don't know the answer and at other times I'm totally snowed under.

With the sites I have, nearly 10,000+ individual people visit those sites every day. That is NOT page views or so called "hits", each one is an individual person.

Many are professionals in electronics and as we all know, we can't be experts in every facet of electronics. The best of us get stumped for answers at times and it occurred to me at least, that we could surely pool our respective talents and experience to help one another.

For the person who is not a professional or a trade person this has become a very valuable learning resource. However a word of caution - do *NOT* ask questions which are clearly seeking answers to school, college or university assignments where you expect us to do the work for you, that's why you were given the assignment in the first place, not us. We don't do homework for people.

For the moment this is an unmoderated mailing list where you subscribe and receive a copy of all the posts made. This has worked very successfully for four years so far. At present we have now an unbelievable 1,000+ subscribers, and climbing rapidly.


I was recently asked this question

comment: It's not clear if this is a forum or strictly an email Q&A. Do we put what the topic is in the subject line and just ask a question.

Does that email go to the experts who have joined to answer questions?

Sorry, I don't understand how this works.

It works like this:

It's strictly an email Q&A, lots of talented people contribute, NO we don't do your homework questions. But trust me, we have folks who on occasion talk sixteen levels above my knowledge and I'm no fool, just nearly 68 and I don't keep up with modern technology.

With well over 1,000+ contributors for now coming up to a 10 year birthday next June [2010], I can't recollect one question not being satisfactorily answered. Exam questions and assignments of course excepted.


Originally we were hosted with E-Groups way back when... Then Yahoo took over E-Groups and that was fine. Then in March, 2002 Yahoo went ahead and altered everyone's permissions as to what junk they could send you. So I decided to set up our own group on one of my servers, and that's where we live now.


It is expected you will behave in a responsible manner. Certainly any use of unseemly language, flames and unduly off topic posts will likely get you banned by me for life.

Please, be considerate and delete all text in replies that is not needed to understand your reply. There are subscribers that have to pay for their online time or by the kB and this costs them money to only get something they already saw. Also any post exceeding 6 kB gets held up for approval.

Please turn off styled text (html) before posting. Many eMail clients cannot read it.

I reserve the right to include portions of questions and answers from the group in a directory "FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS ABOUT ELECTRONICS". Hopefully this may reduce the "I suppose this has been asked before" posts. The list is NOT archived for reasons of privacy so there is no public access.

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